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Yoga classes and Sound Bath brought to you.

At work or at home we can support you and improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Yoga : Improves strength, mobility and flexibility, for better stamina and mental and physical resilience.

Sound Bath : decrease tensions and fatigue, rebalance the immune system and improve focus, access better clarity and creativity and help relaxation and sleep quality. 

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Listen to a clip of our Sound Bath here:

Indoor Yoga Class

Services we provide

Explore the services we deliver.

Yoga Class

Yoga Classes

Our yoga teachers draw from Hatha and Ashtanga to create playful vinyasa flow sequences tailored to your need. Increase your strength, flexibility and mobility, and improve your posture wether you need to beat the desk or are on your feet a lot. 
We can help you find ease and vitality in your body as well as calm and focus the mind.

Sound Bath for two people

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing

The sounds and powerful vibrations of our set of 7 authentic Tibetan singing bowls will bring you from  Beta to Theta brainwave state. This quiets the chatter of the mind and helps you shift from sympathetic nervous system (fight or fly mode) to a parasympathetic state (rest and digest).

Meditating at Home

Yoga & Sound Journey

The Ultimate combo!
Our facilitators have blended the two practices to create a unique offering, producing a holistic experience, deeply healing and rejuvenating for body and mind which benefits can be felt many days afterwards.

Meditating at yoga class

Bring Wellness directly to you (and your team!)

With experience in the corporate world and film industry, we specialise in bringing our sessions into your workplace - health and wellness has never been so convenient!

Our sessions are great team building and social wellness, as well as balancing mind body and spirit, supporting everyone's performance.

We bring our classes to you and adapt our sessions to suit all levels and environments: Workplaces, Film sets, Community Centres, Events, your home, you name it!

Our Approach

Making physical and mental wellness readily available to you, and those around you when and where you need it the most. 

At work, or at home we save you time and transport making yoga and sound bath accessible and adapting to your need to create a holistic experience rebalancing body and mind.
The benefits extend way beyond the mat, supporting you and your colleagues, creating better dynamics and environment for everyone.

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