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Our Story

We are a team of Yoga Teachers and Sound Therapists, based in London. We established "Yoga & Sound Journey" as an authenticity-focussed partnership to deliver our unique Yoga, Sound Healing, and combination sessions around London and the UK.

We specialise in

  • Using movement and breath through Yoga to support people's physical and mental wellbeing,

  • Using sound - in particular Tibetan Singing Bowls - to create accessible environments for experiencing meditation and deep relaxation states,

  • Creating combination sessions that use both techniques to create powerful holistic health and wellness experiences,

  • Delivering these experiences in Corporate and Film Industry settings.

Meet Our Teachers

Our team is always growing, please get in touch if you'd be interested in cover work.


Malou Coindreau

Yoga Teacher and Qualified Sound Healer

Specialising in dynamic Vinyasa flows that energise and reinvigorate students, Malou taught yoga all around Europe and South East Asia. Whilst teaching Yoga in Thailand, she studied Sound Healing using Tibetan Singing Bowls, and has been building this into her teaching practice and exploring the power of these combined practices.

With an extensive background in the Film Industry, Malou leads on providing wellness sessions for this Industry, her experience and knowledge shaping the structure and approach of the session to ensure its as beneficial and accessible as possible.


James Little

Yoga Teacher and Qualified Sound Healer

With a background in the Music Industry, James leads on our Yoga for Musicians series. As musician himself, he understands the particular strains on the body musicians face, and how yoga can manage this to safeguard their careers.

Studying Sound Healing was a natural next step for someone who already worked across the worlds of Sound and Wellness. Integrating this practice into his Yoga teaching practice has helped to shape an approach that uses both to create powerful holistic wellness experiences.

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