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Yoga & Sound Bath 11 - Effra Space, Brixton

21 August 2023

5.00 pm

Malou and James weave a Yoga & Sound Bath journey for an 1 hour 30 mins, guiding you to a deep relaxation state for mind and body.

Effra Space, Effra Parade, London, UK
Yoga & Sound Bath 11 - Effra Space, Brixton

Malou and James hold a 90 minute session that starts with a Yoga class accessible to all levels, including sound therapy elements, finishing with a Sound Bath for the last half of the session.

You can expect an energising Vinyasa flow blending Hatha and Ashtanga schools of Yoga, and a restorative Sound Bath using a set of authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong and Slit Drum.

Effra Space, Brixton, 10.30 am on Saturdays.

£15 intro offer for April.

The venue has mats, boosters, blankets and meditation cushions available, but you're welcome to bring your own. Complimentary tea to share after the Sound Bath if you have don't have to rush off (encouraged :) ).

Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

Reduce stress and anxiety
Lower anger and blood pressure
Improve circulation and increases blood flow
Deep relaxation and pain relief
Chakra balancing
Increase mental and emotional clarity
Promote stillness, happiness and well being.
Stimulate the immune system.
Removes blockages and toxins from the body
Helps you to connect with your higher self
Balances both hemispheres of the brain
Sends healing to all cells of your brain
Helps to recover after an illness, traumas, and medical treatments.
Sleep soundly and feel the effect
The increased popularity of Sound Baths in our fast paced society shows how effective and accessible this practice makes accessing deep states of relaxation and meditation for everyone. (Beta to theta)

Benefits of Yoga (if you're still wondering!)

Increased strength, flexibility and mobility
Encourage your body's natural healing process
Improved respiration, energy and vitality
Improved posture and joint health
Boost weight loss
Maintaining a balanced metabolism
Better cardiovascular and circulatory health, including lower blood pressure
Improved athletic performance
Protection from injury
Reduction of stress and anxiety
Yoga unites mind, body and breath, and the benefits of increased mindfulness reach far beyond the mat.

The acceptance and self-love we practise on the mat has a profound impact on the way we treat ourselves off the mat, whether that is through improved activity levels, better nutritional choices or reduced reliance on alcohol or tobacco.

The benefits of these practices are limitless, and it's a journey!

See you on the mat,

Malou & James

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