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2 hour Yoga Sound Bath at Substation Brixton

6 August 2023

3.00 pm

2 hour yoga class followed by a deeply rejuvenating Sound Bath with Tibetan Singing Bowls to bring your weekend to peaceful and restorative close.

Substation Brixton, Brixton Hill, London, UK
2 hour Yoga Sound Bath at Substation Brixton

Enjoy a dynamic Vinyasa Yoga class for an hour before letting Malou and James guide you through a resonant and powerful Sound Bath using Tibetan Singing bowls.

The healing vibrations of these unique instruments will guide you into a state of deep meditation, taking you from a Beta brainwave state - our daily active state, which when unregulated leads to stress, anxiety and burnout - to a Theta brainwave state; a state of deep relaxation connected to memory, learning and creativity.

Calming and focusing the mind, the pure tones and sustained resonances of the Tibetan bowls also work on a cellular level and are deeply healing to the body and immune system. Sound Bath encourages the parasympathetic nervous response, taking you from fight or flight mode to rest and digest, and boost the immune system.

Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

Reduce stress and anxiety

Lower anger and blood pressure

Improve circulation and increases blood flow

Deep relaxation and pain relief

Chakra balancing

Increase mental and emotional clarity

Promote stillness, happiness and well being.

Stimulate the immune system.

Removes blockages and toxins from the body

Helps you to connect with your higher self

Balances both hemispheres of the brain

Sends healing to all cells of your brain

Helps to recover after an illness, traumas, and medical treatments.

Sleep soundly and feel the effect

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