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2 hour combined Yoga & Sound Bath

15 April 2023

6:00 pm

Dynamic Yoga flow followed by a Sound Bath, with a plant based communal meal available too.

Arcus Sounds, Cranberry Lane, Greater, London, UK
2 hour combined Yoga & Sound Bath

For our first event back in the UK after returning from a several months teaching and practising in Thailand, we’ll be delivering:

- 45 minutes of Yoga, a gentle but dynamic Vinyasa flow designed to calm the body in preparation for the Sound Bath meditation. The class will be accessible to all levels of yogi, beginner to advanced!

- 45 minute Sound Bath using Tibetan Singing bowls and other instruments to create a deep relaxation state that enables you to rest in the present and invigorate the mind and soul.

- The event finishes with a home cooked, plant based meal available to anyone who attends, to support the best possible integration of your experience and to enjoy the social healing of sharing a meal.

This session will have a positive holistic impact on the wellbeing of your mind and body, in a format that is gentle and social enough to maximise benefits of the experience.

Malou and James are the facilitators for the session, they have studied, practiced and taught Yoga and Sound Healing in the India, Thailand and the UK for several years. As this is our first class back in the UK we are offering it a community rate, please enjoy and share.

Nb. If attending and have your own yoga matt, please feel free to bring it along!

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