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Yoga for Musicians


£12 per person


60 - 90 minutes

About the Session

A yoga class aimed at musicians, sharing and teaching the exercises that can most directly benefit you and your practice, making you more injury resilient and safeguarding your career against unexpected breaks. These yoga classes strengthen and tones muscles and the nervous system, supporting performance as well as your holistic body health. Pranayama and other yogic uses of the breath practiced in the class will support your emotional health, provide you with new tools to manage stress and discomfort. The classes are also an opportunity to meet potential collaborators who have a shared interest in practicing wellness as well as music making.

Classes are currently held at Arcus Sounds, London, E16 4BJ. See our events page for the next sessions.

Session Benefits

A class adapted to work with the parts of the body that can cause systemic issues for Musicians if not addressed.
An instructor who understands the systemic issues at hand and can adjust the class accordingly as well as provide personalised advice.
Increased strength, flexibility and mobility
Encourage your body's natural healing process
Improved respiration, energy and vitality
Improved posture and joint health
Boost weight loss
Maintaining a balanced metabolism
Better cardiovascular and circulatory health, including lower blood pressure
Improved athletic performance
Protection from injury
Reduction of stress and anxiety

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